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Paid Media Ads Professional Certification Course
    This course teaches foundational digital advertising knowledge on creating an effective paid media strategy that maximizes return on investment. In this course, we'll go through how paid media fits into your inbound strategy, how to allocate your budget, and how to plan, buy, and optimize your paid media efforts. Plus, throughout this Paid media Ads professional course, you'll get advice from the experts at various agencies to learn how they help their clients see long-term success.
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Paid Media Ads Professional Certification Course
Welcome To Market Shaala

We aim to determine whether we can make a difference and add value to your business, not to extract money from you.
We ensure that we focus more effort on the broader strategy and needs rather than focusing purely on the technology. We provide that everything is considered the processes, the mentorship, the culture and the technology to help improve acceptance rates and boost the benefits obtained. Therefore we focus all our efforts on helping our students to achieve more with their potential. Putting your needs first is one of our core values.

Complete Course Detail

This course will help establish a solid foundation in different forms of paid advertising in the digital space. This course teaches you to use other paid media marketing channels to create an effective strategy.

It also helps you choose the suitable medium based on different situations, advertising tips and techniques for different paid media channels, budget allocation and optimization of ads too. Hands-on exercises will teach you how to create Ads across Google, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.

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About Market Shaala

This course offers complete 360-degree learning on all Search Engine Optimization concepts.


Use this online SEO course to master the process of organically driving traffic to your website by learning critical components such as keyword research, on-page and off-page optimisation, and SEO analytics.

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