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Paid Advertising and Its Importance in Digital Marketing

Paid advertising or PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising is an innovative advertising method used in any type of online business. As the name suggests, PPC or pay-per-click is an advertising method where advertisers used to pay for each time any visitor clicks their ads. If you are not relying upon organic visitors but rather targeting a huge no of visitors in a short time, you can use this method.

Search engine advertising is one of the most popular PPC advertising. Here advertisers used to bid for a particular search term or keywords and their ads appeared at top of the search results as sponsored links. If you want to know how does PPC advertising work then you must need to follow this blog, where we will describe PPC advertising and its importance.

Top PPC Advertising Platforms:

You can use PPC Advertising in two different ways for your business. As digital marketing trends are getting very much popular, people are quite familiar with digital gadgets as well as search engines and social media networks. The pay per click advertising Google is one of the most PPC advertising along with other search engine advertising like Bing Ads, Amazon Ads, and Yahoo ads. The other popular advertising method is social media PPC advertising. Among many other social media advertising technologies, Facebook advertising is the most popular, along with Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest advertising.

Google Adwords:

Google AdWords is the most famous digital advertising platform where billions of advertisers place their adverts and also many people daily use Google Chrome, Google Mobile App store, Gmail and other publishing networks of Google. Google uses a machine learning algorithm to decide the business owners’ needs and according to that optimize the bid and budget. We all see the pay per click advertising on google at the top of the list as promoted search results.

Google AdWords has different ad types for each of its publishing networks. Among them, Search Ads are the most popular ones. Also, we can see the display ads, youtube video ads, google play store ads and email ads. Advertisers used each of the advert techniques according to their needs and requirement.

Facebook Advertising:

After Google, Facebook advertising is the second most popular advertising platform. It is one of the most used social media PPC advertising. The PPC technology is almost the same as that of Google and here also advertisers need to pay for each time any user clicks their ads. There are several types of Facebook adverts such as image ads, video ads, carousel ads and other types of ads. Right now anyone who is used Facebook Advertising Network can place their ads on Facebook Messenger, Facebook Marketplace and Instagram.

Twitter Advertising:

Twitter advertising is also one of the most used PPC advertising services. On this platform, there are two ways you can promote your business. The first type is you can promote your tweets using the Twitter advertising services according to your needs and the second type is you can also promote your profile to get more followers. In both cases, the same technology is used and also the advertisers can get the benefits of advertising by promoting their product or business profiles.

Among the other PPC advertising platforms, the most common ones are LinkedIn, Quora, and Pinterest advertising. All of the social media PPC advertising networks use the same technology for paid adverts.

Why You Should Choose PPC Advertising:

There are many benefits of using online advertising some of them are as follows:

  • You can target a large bunch of users to your business over a short time

  • You can target multiple geo-locations, and various demographics and also according to user interests and your business needs you can run the ad

  • You can make customised scheduling of your ads like on which days your ads should run and whether you want to run your campaign all day or at a particular specific time.

  • Online advertising is ideal to collect leads for a particular business. Here you can use a lead form or call to action to drive your customer to your conversion page and then collect their details such as email, contact number and other details.

  • Be it search engine ads or social media ads both are helpful for a business and you need to utilise them according to your business needs.

In the above section, we have broadly elaborated on the importance of Pay Per Click advertising and also mentioned the most popular online advertising networks. If you have any queries regarding PPC advertising feel free to reach us through the comment section.

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