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Top Digital Marketing trends you need to follow in 2022

Digital marketing is ever growing business topology for this decade. Many young aspirants want to acquire the skills of digital marketing to enhance their professional resources whereas the business owners and the entrepreneurs also want to follow the new trends in digital marketing in their business.

With the increasing scope of digital marketing, now it has become obvious to learn and upskill the digital and social media marketing trends, which not only keep you updated on the recent algorithms and new trends but also help to provide the best result in your marketing campaign for any business.

Along with artificial intelligence, voice search optimization, and chatbot, search engine optimization is also one of the most dominant trends in 2021. Here in this blog, we will discuss the top digital marketing trends of 2022 you need to follow for the better performance of your business.

Here are the top digital marketing trends to follow in 2022

  1. Influence Marketing:

Influence marketing relates to the marketing activities which is used to promote a particular brand or product on social media with the name of a popular celebrity or a person who has a large social media fan-base. This is one of the most innovative social media marketing trends.

In the past decade, it was mostly related to a film star or celebrity whose influence used to be a primitive factor to drive the sales of a particular brand. But in this decade, amid social media presence, who has a large fan-base on particular social platforms like Instagram/YouTube can promote any brand.

According to the report by Influence marketing hub, the influence marketing industry is set to grow by approximately 16.4$ billion in 2022. Also, 68% of marketers plan to increase their spending on influence marketing. Zara is the most mentioned brand on Instagram, whereas Netflix was the most followed brand on TikTok in 2021.

  1. Video Marketing:

Video marketing is the form of marketing which is used by promoting the videos on multiple social media channels. It is used to increase the engagement towards the business as well as also used to educate the customers to know about the particular service or product related to a business.

In a recent report in SEOtribunal, the engagement in video content is increased upto 50% as compared to the written content. You can promote video content in various ways like live in-stream mobile video, short interactive videos, video advertising and much more.

  1. AI in Marketing:

Artificial intelligence is one of the most buzzing technologies of the recent decade. Almost all of us are habituated to using chat-bot technology in any web application or mobile.

Ai is mostly a complex algorithm which is employed by cultivating a large set of data, collected from various sources and methods and then analyzing a particular trend which suits the best application.

There are multiple applications of AI in marketing but it is mostly used to generate the content for websites, blogs or social media posts. Also, it is used to execute the data-driven analysis to decide on a particular trend. AI is regarded as one of the exciting digital and social media marketing trends of this decade.

  1. Social Media Stories:

If you want to follow the social media marketing latest trends then you must have familiar with the social media stories. This has been one of the most popular digital and social media marketing trends of recent time.

In the year 2016, the social media stories first has started by Snapchat which is usually a place of sharing status, photos, and stories which will remain online for 24 hours time span. This has been later on implemented by Instagram and Facebook on their own platform.

These social media stories are really helpful to create more engagement, increase the organic traffic and click through rate, increase the brand awareness as well it is very helpful to reach out the you generation.

  1. Marketing Automation:

Marketing automation is drastically uplifted in the last few years. It has become of the top digital marketing trends of 2022. Automation is the process of streamlining the efforts and various processes by executing them automatically for better results.

If you are engaged with a particular business where you are getting a lot of website traffic but not that many significant conversions, you can use the marketing automation software and various CRM tools to optimize your marketing processes as your personalization, which will assist you to collect significant leads.

Here in this topic we have covered the most new trends in digital marketing. It will be helpful for the viewers who really wants to know about what are digital marketing trends. Follow our blog for more updates.

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